Grain free dog foods are becoming more and more popular as pet owners gain knowledge about the health of their four-legged pets. According to reports, grain can cause allergies in puppies and dogs. Unfortunately, in a host of dog food brands the removal of grain can also remove the flavor and nutrients of the dog food. This problem has been solved by Beneful. Beneful now offers a line of dog foods that are 100% grain free.

Beneful Grain Free dog foods have no corn, wheat, or gluten but they are packed with ingredients that will be enjoyed by dogs. The Beneful Grain Free ingredients include real farm raised chicken with accents of fruits and vegetables such as spinach, blueberries, or even pumpkin. The combination of ingredients offered through the Beneful grain free dog food provides a taste that is enjoyed by dogs. This grain free recipe not only is tasty but it also contains 100% balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

In addition to Beneful Grain Free dog foods being free of allergy causing ingredients, packed with delicious recipes; it is also easy on the digestive system of the dog. Grains can be the culprit behind digestive discomforts of a number of dogs. Eliminating grains allows Beneful Grain Free dog foods to become easier to digest.