The Wessex Institute of Technology was founded in 1986 and continually makes strives to remain current with the needs of students and their educational needs. The Wessex eLibrary now offers more than 28,000 free text based resources covering a variety of topics, including but not limited to communication technologies, modeling and simulation, ecology and environment, engineering, health services, and other STEM related disciplines.

The articles in the Wessex eLibrary database include papers from the Institutes international conferences, the WIT Press International Journals, and its Science and Engineering publications. These papers can be often seen in notable publications and are referenced by Crossref. Books are catalogued in the British Library and American Library of Congress.

The search function is detailed and allows for an organized and straightforward browsing experience when conducting research. An advanced search provides options such as topic, publication date, ISBN, author name, and keyword. The Wessex Institute of Technology’s Open Access Collection allows for those searching for articles to view PDF papers for completely free. No login or account registration is required to access this information. The Wessex eLibrary provides innovative access to students and researchers worldwide by providing valuable resources for those pursuing a high quality education.