Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is one of England’s premier research institutes for science and technology. Located in the South of England by the New Forest National Park, WIT has been a global leader in the scientific community since its founding in 1986.

WIT has powerful connections with numerous universities around the world. Just a few colleges WIT has formed strong research bonds with include UNICAMP, the Universidad de Granada, and the Universita di Pisa.

WIT’s Board of Directors is made up of some of the finest professors in Europe and North America.

In addition to collaborating with other universities on research and development, WIT hosts 25 internationally acclaimed conferences every year. Most of these conferences are held in Europe and tend to deal with important issues facing the modern world.

Most of the WIT conferences set for 2017 will either be in the U.K., Spain, Italy, or Estonia. A few of 2017’s conference topics include water resources management, energy & sustainability, river basin management, and urban transport.

In addition to research and conferences, WIT has a very strong publishing division. Officially called WIT Press, this publishing house produces some of the finest scientific textbooks, transcripts, and monographs. WIT Press is currently working on transferring all of their files into an eLibrary database. The main WIT Press headquarters is located in Ashurst Lodge in Southern England. WIT Press also has an office in Billerica, Massachusetts.

WIT is extremely proud to hand out some of the most prestigious awards in the scientific community each and every year. For example, both WIT and the University of Siena have been handing out the Prigogine Medal since 2004. A few notable winners of this great award include Robert Ulanowicz, Felix Müller, Vladimir Voeikov, and Gerald Pollack.

WIT’s current president is Professor Carlos Brebbia. Professor Brebbia was instrumental in founding WIT in 1986, and he has brought international acclaim to this research facility throughout his long tenure.

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