Being away from family members can be one of the hardest parts of being incarcerated. While it is hard on a prisoner to miss out on big moments with your family, including major holidays, it can also be hard on a convict’s loved ones. While phone calls and in-person meetings are allowed, they often aren’t personal and can be hard to schedule. For those that would like to have more contact with their loved ones around the holidays, a new video visitation platform can be very helpful.


The developer of the platform, Securus Technologies, has provided the facilities with a portal that can be placed in a secure area of the facility. The family of the incarcerated person can then chat with their loved one through an application that can be downloaded to their phone or tablet. Stay up to date with Securus on


The new video visitation service has proven to be very helpful for facilities, inmates, and family members a number of different ways. It has greatly improved the visitation experience and has helped to reduce the amount of security needed for onsite visitation. While it is available throughout the year, it has been very helpful during the holidays. An incarcerated individual will be able to stream directly to a family party to feel like they are part of the party as much as possible.


The video visitation service is just the latest product that has been provided by Securus. The company, which is based in Dallas, Texas, has provided a number of different products and services to the law enforcement industry. These products and services are used by thousands of properties across the country, which have serviced over a million different inmates.

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  1. The products and services are used to make a property a safer, more efficient, and more convenient place to work, live, and visit. That is the way in which had to think about it and I believe it might mean a lot for them if they do understand also what it means too for them.

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