Entrepreneurs are driving change, creating employment, solving global issues, innovating, and building economies. Technology supports innovation in the entrepreneurial world. Entrepreneurs have turned ideas into viable business solutions that are efficient and sustainable.

Todd Lubar was aware of the need for a product that could give consumers relief and eliminate barriers to funding. Patch.com explains how his exposure to credit and mortgage finance sector exposed him to different consumer needs. After 20 years in the sector, he founded TDL Global Ventures where he serves as the President. He is also the Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. He combines his passion for real estate, finance, technology and the community to provide solutions that meet the market needs. Todd converts disused structures into desirable living spaces and smart homes in Baltimore. He then helps other people access this homes for a relatively lower cost compared to other cities in the country.

The smart home trends excite Todd Lubar. Smart homes link home furnishings and devices to smart appliances. Todd has invested his time and interests following the Facebook trends. Lubar is ecstatic about technology that revolutionizes and improves home functioning such as remote controls for lights and air conditions and home security cameras linked to mobile phones.

Despite the advancements made by the Smart Homes technology, Todd believes that the products will continue to evolve with more investments and inventions to benefit more people. Todd Lubar views technology as a necessity in any developments in future. Nevertheless, he is aware of the ever-changing nature of technology and the need to adapt to these changes. Smart technology harnessed properly brings positive changes to the society.

Todd Lubar is an alumnus of Syracuse University. He has previously worked with Crestar Mortgage Corp., Charter Funding, and the Legacy Financial Group. Todd Lubar also ventured into scrap metal recycling. To stay at the top, Lubar keeps tabs on the current trends in technology, real estate, and the business world in general. He is knowledgeable about all aspects that affect his business and keeps a well-organized schedule. Lubar surrounds himself with people that influence him positively and challenge him. Great relationships and an honest and trust culture have helped him grow his business.