Lawrence Bender’s Portfolio includes Kill Bill

Lawrence Bender is a movie producer, working on some of the greatest films in American history. The majority of Bender’s works consists of Tarantino movies, but he has also worked independent from Tarantino on several successful projects.

Some of Lawrence Bender’s best work came independent from Tarantino. Good Will Hunting and The Mexican are movies produced by Lawrence Bender.

Bender has also produced for the small screen and is listed with production credits on shows like Seven Seconds and Long Island Confidential.

Lawrence Bender is also involved in social and political efforts, raising money at fundraisers that come in the form of lavish Hollywood parties. He has been honored for his actions in philanthropy. The ACLU awarded him the Torch of Liberty Award for his fundraising attempts.

One of Lawrence Bender’s greatest contributions to film was Kill Bill. Bender was involved in both volumes of the movie, serving as producer.

Kill Bill has an all star cast consisting of   , Lucy Liu, Daryl Hannah, Vivica A. Fox, and David Carradine. The movie follows the character played my Thurman and the plot is primarily about revenge. Thurman plays a member of a team of assassins, but an attempt is made on her life. She is shot in the head while pregnant. The baby dies, but Thurman’s character miraculously survives.

This is when she goes on a killing spree, taking out, one by one, her former peers.

A theory among Kill Bill fans goes as follows: Kill Bill is set within the Pulp Fiction universe, starring Thurman’s character from Pulp Fiction. This theory was created because   ‘s character, in Pulp Fiction, briefly speaks of a team of all female assassins and lists of a series of features that describe the cast of Kill Bill.

Lawrence Bender created an innovative blend of martial arts, spaghetti western, and samurai film with the creation of Kill Bill.