Securus Technologies has worked with the combination of their CEO, Richard A. Smith, and their customers to bring about a superior crime prevention model which has stopped many crimes before they were committed. Their customers used their feedback forum on their website..They’re proud to be a part of the crime prevention process because it helps stabilize their prices. Competitor networks have constantly increased their prices because their customers are being charged with the costs of telecommunication crimes. You don’t have to worry about an insecure network, being a victim of unwanted crime, or non-monitored calls.


Crime Prevention Model Features


– eliminate illegal cellphone use

– stop illegal inmate money transfer

– stop illegal inmate gambling

– additional facility support

advanced security features

– and more…


You can get more of your minutes under your service agreement knowing you were a part of a unique crime prevention model at your discretion. Their competitors where not ready to adjust to a stabilized inmate calling network as easily. You’re invited to go to the Securus Technologies and find out what services and features you need to stay connected to your love ones. You deserve to feel safe while you’re communicating with your love ones with a piece of mind.