Securus Technologies is a company that is a leading provider of technology solutions for civil and criminal justice. They provide this for corrections and monitoring, investigation and public safety. They published different facility customer comments about using technology to help them solve and prevent crimes, also including inmate on inmate crimes!


There is a small sample included of the comments that have been made. The comments include a mix of email communications and formal letters. These comments have been received from different prison and jail officials all throughout the United States. The officials that have made these comments have the job of preventing as well as solving crimes. They make the incarceration environment not only safer but also better for all.


Richard Smith, who is the Chairman and CEO of Securus technologies made the comment that on average it is about once a week that they develop a new service or a new project that will be able to help law enforcement and corrections officials solve as well as prevent different crimes.


Another happy customer of Securus had said that they wanted to let everyone at Securus know that with their help on a specific case they were able to use the information from that they received from the phone calls to help them obtain a search warrant for a corrupt staff member. A result the occurred was that this corrupt person was arrested by the staff for having contraband.


A third happy customer had said that investigative tools had allowed for their staff to be able to conduct investigations whenever they received a complaint of harassment or even a possible threat to their security team or the community.


A final comment that was made stated that the LBS services are even enough for them to continue with using Securus throughout the future. They stated that this technology along with the Investigator Pro helps to make Securus the top leading provider for jails in the business.


Securus has also extended the opportunity for competitor facilities as well as investors to come visit the Dallas Technology Center to view a presentation on what all Securus does to help prevent and solve crimes.