Meet Jed McCaleb: Finding Solutions to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

When it comes to entrepreneurship, inventiveness, and computer programming, Jed McCaleb, is well-known in the technology and entrepreneurial world. When it comes to blockchain, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin payments, McCaleb is involved. Just recently, McCaleb focused on a cryptocurrency-based venture,


McCaleb produced the first centralized exchange for trading Bitcoin, Mt. Gox. At its peak, Mt. Gox accounted for nearly 80 percent of all the cryptocurrency being exchanged. McCaleb sold his Mt. Gox in 2014 but still owns a 12 percent share. For Jed McCaleb, being on the cusp of cutting-edge technology as an entrepreneur is a key part of what drives him.


Jed McCaleb started out building a website platform in 1999. McCaleb launched the peer-to-peer file-sharing software program, eDonkey. It was a peer-to-peer network for downloading files.


Fast forward to 2018, and Jed McCaleb anticipates blockchain technology to be a force behind some universal process involving banking transactions as well as stock trading. The Stellar Development Foundation was founded to oversee the development of the Stellar protocol. can be a key for opening this untapped business sector. The concept for is to be an internet-level protocol for payments. Stellar was designed to work in the same way that a non-profit organization does, but with an open sourced model for the people. In this way, there is a certain component of trust that an organization will not renege and change its model.


The 2 billion people who currently live in a world where there is no direct access to banks, the Stellar Foundation could be the solution, because it can bring affordable, yet dependable methods for banks and their potential stakeholders to do business.


One of the most innovative elements to Stellar is that McCaleb’s network uses a new mode of consensus called the federated Byzantine agreement. The Byzantine model was hatched by David Mazieres, a professor at Stanford University.


McCaleb’s vision involves a world where banks, which would work with his platform and additional software tools, could be a successful part of an open-source network that is affordable, secure and stable enough for smooth cryptocurrency transactions.

History Of Wes Edens: Fortress Investment Group Founder

The history of Fortress Investment Group is important to understand as it is part of the history of the American economic system. Fortress Investment Group became the first publicly traded private equity investment firm in the North American continent during the spring of 2007. Fortress Investment Group would never have achieved its prominent status in the financial sector of the United States had it not been for the efforts of its principal founding members. The company was originally founded in 19 98 x 5 individuals including Wes Edens. Wes Edens is an American businessman and private equity investor and is best known as one of the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks a member of the national basketball Association. In addition to owning the Milwaukee Bucks were based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin he also owns a prominent electronic sports team known as FlyQuest. FlyQuest is a team that plays the video game league of legends.

Wes Edens originally began his career by pursuing formal education at Oregon State University. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1984 with degrees in finance and business administration. After receiving his degrees, he went on to begin his career in the financial sector by working for Lehman Brothers investment firm. During his time at the Lehman Brothers investment firm, he served as both a partner and managing director from the years 1987 through 1993. After six years of working for the Lehman Brothers Corporation, he went on to work for Blackrock as investors. It was here that he honed his skills and worked for an additional four years as a partner in managing director for the investment firm. In 1998 he decided that he have learned enough working for other people and that it was time for him to launch his own company.

It was then that Wes Edens along with the help of four other individuals launched Fortress Investment Group.During the company’s initial years it experienced significant growth. It was able to increase its asset holdings by 39.7% in the span of under a decade. The investment style that Wes Edens displayed has been commended by numerous publications throughout history. It has helped to spur the development of businesses through his successful investment strategies. Fortress Investment Group became the first publicly traded private equity investment firm in North America on February 9, 2007, when it held its initial public offering. This marked a significant moment in North American economic history.


Todd Lubar’s Illustrious Career

When discussing the field of real estate referring to it as volatile would be the understatement of the year, it is a field that is constantly changing and new schools of thoughts are routinely being developed at all times. However, since 1995 there has been one constant in the field of real estate: Todd Lubar. Lubar has been able to build a successful career in real estate because he understands the importance of building and cultivating personal relationships as well as keeping a diverse group of advisors around him to help him make the difficult decisions that are emblematic of the field of real estate.

According to Inspirery, another facet of Todd’s career that helps him standout is his willingness to delve into all different segments of the business of real estate. In fact in 2007 and 2008 expanded outside of his comfort zone by becoming involved with a number of demolition companies. This foray into demolition was just another in the line of success for Lubar who scored a slew of large contracts from some of the most well-known names in general contracting in the United States. In addition to his success in demolition Todd Lubar has also began making his highly anticipated entrance into fields such as night club management and recycling, all while keeping up his success in the game of real estate development. As I mentioned previously making it in real estate is no easy feat, but by understanding the entire process that makes up this confusing field he has been able to find resounding prosperity. Check out for more.

It is certainly not easy to carve out a career in real estate that spans over two decades but Lubar has been able to do just that. Starting all the way back in 1995 with Crestar Mortgage to present day as President of TDL Global Ventures, Lubar’s career has been marked with success. How has he managed it? The answer, from Todd Lubar himself, is simple yet eloquent: “Continue to be a better person tomorrow than he was today and be able to add value to all that he comes into contact with.” With a core motto as timeless as that, it is easy to see why success has followed Lubar from industry to industry.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Working with Big-Name Corporations

It’s hard to think about lawyers being celebrities, but that might be exactly what Jeremy Goldstein is to New York corporations. Many of them go to Jeremy Goldstein when they need business advice about a lot of issues but especially executive compensation, corporate governance, and employee benefits.

The last of that list is the most important subject in Jeremy Goldstein’s life right now. Nearly all of his clients are coming to him and asking him about employee benefits; even those who aren’t clients are asking him about employee benefits. Recently, a corporate trend has corporations eliminating stock options in favor of more preferable benefits.

While every corporation is entitled to their own choices, Jeremy Goldstein would prefer they hear him out before making any final decisions. Even after hearing him out, he recommends they talk directly with their accountant and see what type of compensation method is best for them at that time.

A lot of people forget how easy it is to make a mistake when dealing with other people’s livelihood. Corporations focus so much on picking the right method for the right reason; they forget to think about the long-term benefit of employee benefits.

That’s where the expertise of people like Jeremy Goldstein comes in handy. Stock options seem scary and flimsy, but they can actually have more advantages than even higher salaries or wages. If the corporation chooses the right stock strategy, they can protect their employees while still making them shareholders.

There’s one particular stock option, called a “knockout”, that allows corporations to cancel the option if the value drops too low for too long. Unlike its counterpart, this option prevents people from making rash decisions in times of stress. The option can only be canceled after a certain amount time if the value hasn’t risen to its original value or higher.

This is something that Jeremy Goldstein knows all about; he’s spent the last 15 years perfecting his skills. After graduating, he began working at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz. Soon after, he left and established his own boutique law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.

Since then, he’s become a foremost expert on everything executive compensation and corporate governance. He’s even been listed as such by several legal publications, including The Legal 500. Learn more:

How Conor Lamb and End Citizens United are Approaching Pennsylvania Election

     If the political world were an actual ocean, we’d be in for a tidal wave of change. With that being said, the metaphor still holds out — as long as you don’t mind riding the blue wave. Progressives have been surging ever since Donald Trump took office with Democrats scoring 35 state seats compared to Republicans who have only scored 4. Now, another seat is up for grabs but this time it is in the deep red 18th Congressional District in Pennsylvania. With that being said, Democrats are still optimistic that they’ll be able to make something happen. Conor Lamb, a Democrat, will be getting the backing endorsement from one of the most effective progressive grassroots foundations in the country, End Citizens United.

Conor Lamb has potential to become the next young face of the progressive political scene. Lamb, at just 33 years old, will be facing off against a former military intelligence officer by the name of Rick Saccone. Lamb knows that he is facing an uphill battle in order to score a win in the 19th district, but that doesn’t mean he has come close to throwing in the towel. In fact, Lamb has been gaining steam as more and more progressives begin to get active at the polls.

End Citizens United recently made their endorsement of Conor Lamb public and in doing so they are maneuvering an expansive library of grassroots connections toward his campaign. Ostensibly, End Citizens United was created in order to fight back against dark money that is currently enveloping the political world while summarily muting the rights of American voters. Conor Lamb is the type of progressive who has gone on record as stating that he’ll be willing and ready to fight against dark money by championing a legislative repeal of the 2010 Supreme Court decision surrounding Citizens United, a propaganda group fueled by conservatives.

End Citizens United has been active throughout the past two years and they’ve been instrumental in fueling the blue wave that we are seeing sweep across the nation. End Citizens United raised nearly $25 million in the 2016 presidential election and they are already on pace to raise that much money yet again, though it is unlikely that they’ll put it all toward the Lamb v Saccone race. Still, any help that ECU can bring to the table will be much appreciated by Lamb as he faces up against the Republican’s massive money-spending machine.

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Mike Baur Career in Mentoring Startups

Mike Baur is a renowned professional who has been able to make a huge impact in the finance world. The businessman was born and raised in Switzerland several decades ago. Throughout his successful career life, the businessman has remained very passionate about his home area, and he has done a lot to make sure that the people living in this area have a better life. The finance market has experienced numerous challenges in the past. However, Mike Baur has remained one of the top professionals in the country, who has mentored several startups.


When Mike Baur was born many years ago, his parents were excited because they knew that their son would bring them a lot of joy. By the time he was ready for his education, his parents realized that he was passionate about numbers, and this is why they chose to help him to pursue his dreams. When he was graduating in high school, the businessman was sure that he was ready to venture into the finance market. His excellence in performance assisted him to acquire a position in several universities in the country. While at the university, Mike ventured into the finance department, and he graduated with an MBA in the subject. The finance skills he got while at these prestigious learning institutions have motivated him to become a leader in the complex markets.


Unlike many people who venture in to the corporate world when they are in their twenties, Mike Baur started working in the tight finance market when he was only sixteen years old. The businessman worked at a firm called UBS, and he moved from one position to the other. His excellence in the competitive market motivated him to become even better. The successful businessman has managed to lead a great life due to his hard work and dedication. The businessman, however, decided to abandon his career after acquiring a lot of success.


While serving in the banking department, Mike Baur and his friends realized that people who wanted to start businesses were experiencing numerous problems due to the tough markets. When leaving the banking department, the businessman chose to help the new investors to achieve their dreams, and this is why he started a company known as Swiss Factory Startup. The organization has assisted many businessmen since it was founded by Mike Baur. His expertise in leadership has been instrumental in taking the organization to greater heights. Baur has great business networks that have assisted his company over the years.

Talk Fusion Surpasses Competition With WebRTC Technology

Lately, Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO, of Talk Fusion announced new improvements to the company’s Live Meetings product. Live Meetings is a video conferencing application. The product was well accepted previously, but in keeping with the innovative culture at Talk Fusion, the company has joined WebRTC technology to the software. What this means is that the video conferencing package can be accessed instantly without the need of a plugin of any sort. Furthermore, the new technology will provide the following benefits as well:


  • Enhanced security
  • Better video
  • Clearer sound


In the process of adding WebRTC, Talk Fusion also took the time to redesign the interface. It is now easier to use even for first-time visitors. All of these improvements have yielded a user-friendly and accessible medium for anyone attending a Live Meetings video conference from now on.


Bob Reina has proclaimed that Talk Fusion has outdone its competitors with this upgrade. He added that no other video conferencing software allows up to 15 presenters to address an audience of up to 500 people with the efficiency of the new Live Meetings software. Reina also re-affirmed the company’s commitment to continue adding WebRTC technology to all of its video software applications.


When Bob Reina started Talk Fusion back in 2007, it was through the power of innovation that he did so. Mr. Reina has a background in law enforcement, not technology. Although he has always been pretty smart, for instance, he graduated first in his class from the Tampa Bay Police Academy and completed a degree in criminology at the University of South Florida. When he faced a technical issue, he knew to consult another smart person, his friend Johnathan Chen, a technology wizard. The challenge was to place a video into an email. AOL, Mr. Reina’s internet provider, told him that it was not possible. Mr. Chen made it happen. Imagining the potential of this new advancement, Mr. Reina called it Video Email and built a business around it. Thus Talk Fusion was born.


Today the company has thousands of independent marketers in 140 different countries all over the world. Bob Reina chose a network marketing approach for Talk Fusion, because of the success he had with it as a side business during his days as a police officer. He understands how rewarding network marketing can be for those who are willing to work hard at it as he did. In June 2017 the company launched Talk Fusion University. Its mission is to train the company’s marketers to be successful. Such dual commitment to the products and the people who sell them can only mean more substantial success to come for CEO Bob Reina and Talk Fusion. Learn more:


Malcolm CaSelle Provides Key Virtual Reality Solutions To Vexing Problems

Industry watchers who are keeping a trained eye on virtual asset markets will tell you that two major problems have long plagued the field — fragmentation and the ever-present danger of fraud, and what Malcolm Casselle knows.

Now one company has found a way to solve both of these problems at once. It does so with a blockchain-enabled widget that allows user to buy and sell virtual products, and they can do so even without the need to click off their game.

The company is WAX, Worldwide Asset eXchange. It is helmed by the Malcolm CasSelle, a man with a deep résumé in online virtual reality platforms, and contact him.

Prior to being named for the leadership of WAX, CasSelle was CTO New Ventures at the media company tronc, Inc. Before that, CasSelle served as Senior V.P. of SeaChange International where he also served as General Manager.

Malcolm CasSelle brings not only vast industry experience to WAX but is grounded in an education that includes a bachelor’s from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford University in computer science. Additionally, Mr. CasSelle is a fluent speaker of both Mandarin and Japanese. Knowing both languages has served him well the P2P marketplace where virtual assets are traded and operating on a global scale.

CasSelle says the current V.R. trading environment is suffering from fragmentation because of an unruly mishmash of marketplaces that are scattered, both locally and regionally. The language of payment processing is a persistent problem as a result, and read full article.

WAX has created a solution by spearheading a blockchain platform for virtual asset processing in the form of its “WAX Token.” CasSelle says his company’s new token allows for a market that is “frictionless” because both buyers and sellers can now “tokenize” all of their assets. The blockchain makes it all possible. Furthermore, WAX’s blockchain is powered by its Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. It’s the fastest, most efficient, most decentralized, and most flexible consensus model available.

It’s all in a day’s work for Malcolm CaSelle, one of the online V.R. field’s most innovative entrepreneurs in this competitive field today, and

Securus Technologies Introduces Crime Prevention Model

Securus Technologies has worked with the combination of their CEO, Richard A. Smith, and their customers to bring about a superior crime prevention model which has stopped many crimes before they were committed. Their customers used their feedback forum on their website..They’re proud to be a part of the crime prevention process because it helps stabilize their prices. Competitor networks have constantly increased their prices because their customers are being charged with the costs of telecommunication crimes. You don’t have to worry about an insecure network, being a victim of unwanted crime, or non-monitored calls.


Crime Prevention Model Features


– eliminate illegal cellphone use

– stop illegal inmate money transfer

– stop illegal inmate gambling

– additional facility support

advanced security features

– and more…


You can get more of your minutes under your service agreement knowing you were a part of a unique crime prevention model at your discretion. Their competitors where not ready to adjust to a stabilized inmate calling network as easily. You’re invited to go to the Securus Technologies and find out what services and features you need to stay connected to your love ones. You deserve to feel safe while you’re communicating with your love ones with a piece of mind.


The Knowledgeable And Respected Career Of Rick Smith Of Securus Technologies

The name Rick Smith has been linked with the telecommunications services provided by Securus Technologies for some time. His leadership is responsible for the organization of the technology employed by the prison tech company in the protection of society. He specializes in the technological aspects required for both criminal and justice solutions. Securus Technologies solves and prevents crimes by inmates from occurring both inside and outside the walls of the prisons.

Rick Smith began working for Securus Technologies in 2008, and has since served in numerous positions. He served Eschelon Telecom Inc. in numerous positions prior to joining the team at Securus. The year 1998 saw Rick Smith as a Chief Financial Officer, and in 1999 he assumed the responsibilities of the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Shortly afterwards he received a substantial promotion and became the Vice President of the financial management sector for the Frontier Corporation. Rick Smith has diligently served the institution for two decades of his career. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Rick Smith has established a successful career as a Chief Information Officer, Controller and the President of Frontier. He was the Vice President for Midwest Telephone Operations, and his leadership capabilities served the company extremely well. His career became entwined with Securus Technologies in 2008 when he began serving their board. Rick Smith Securus became the institutions Chairman because he was the board’s choice. He previously served on Eschelon Telecom’s board as well.

Rick Smith possesses an impressive education from the Rochester Institute of Technology, the University of Rochester, Buffalo’s State University of New York and Brockport’s State University of New York. He earned his Applied Science in Electrical Engineering associate degree, his Science in Electrical Engineering bachelor degree, his MBA, his professional degree, and his Master’s degree. His education was the beginning of a successful and noteworthy career. Read more at about Rick Smith Securus.

Through Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has made a commitment to provide the technology necessary for the improvement and facilitation of all activities within the prison system. This technology additionally has the capability of enabling the inmates to remain in touch with their families and friends in the outside world. Since Securus Technologies is fully aware of the potential for misuse regarding this type of technology, specific measures are used by the company to help prevent cases of abuse and enhance the safety of everyone involved with incredibly stringent measures.

Due to the technology of Securus Technologies and the leadership of Rick Smith, inmates can communicate with the people they love through both visual and voice calls. There is even a setup for emails included in the package offered. Due to the usage of these gadgets, inmates are aware of what is happening in the world outside of the prison. This means once they are released, their adjustment is a little easier.