Dr. David Samadi, an oncologist and urologist will be hosting a new show called “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.” The purpose of the show is to educate people on common health topics and concerns. This will help inform viewers and answer their questions straight from doctors, instead of from unreliable sources such as the internet. He reports that many patients come in confused after having read confusing, contradictory, or misleading information online. During the show, viewers will be able to email or call in questions that will be answered live on the show by Dr. David Samadi or by other health specialists. The show will be available starting in September 2017, and episodes can be found on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Dr. David Samadi’s own website. Dr. David Samadi was born in Iran and grew up in Europe until moving to America. Samadi studied in New York, and France, moving from a focus on prostates to men’s and women’s general health concerns. In his show, he plans to cover issues including topics such as exercise, nutrition, and sexual health. Dr. David Samadi is an expert in several fields of medicine, and especially focuses on new developments in robot surgery, especially as related to oncology and urology. He has practiced in hospitals all over the United States, and also conducted procedures abroad in 45 countries. Aside from his new show, he is currently working on new techniques for prostate surgery that will help preserve nerves, preventing the common side effects of impotence and incontinence. In addition to his show and research, Samadi is still practicing as a doctor, and can be consulted for prostate surgeries or other health issues. Dr. Samadi is an advocate for informing clients and for frequent health screening and testing. By informing clients to get properly checked for common diseases such as prostate cancer, doctors like Samadi can detect health concerns earlier. Early detection is a key to a better chance of recovery among patients. Helping inform people through his show will give people the accurate information they need to see their doctors with any concerns, and to get treatment as soon as it is needed.