One may ask what Oxford Cub is, Oxford Club is an International network for both investors and entrepreneurs. The group has been covering a broad range of approval include; bonds, shares, real estates, equities, currencies, funds, precious metals, as well as options. The organization was established with a primary reason of beating the stock market using a uniformity principle and plan as they surpass the ordinary returns in aggregate asset classes. Oxford Club has been founded on strong principle and a mission which is to assist their members to gain exceptional long-lasting wealth as they enjoy an affluent life that goes past money.

In 1989 William Bonner who is also the founder of The Agora Companies established the networking organization which was officially named Oxford Club in 1991. The aim of Mr. William and other founding partners was to establish a private financial group for investors with common an interest and were ready to share different venture opportunities. The club founders trusted that in order to do well in both investment and business early study as well as personal connections are required and not Street Wall brokers or mainstream press. Oxford Club is led by competent team like Judith Guth who is the Chief Executive Officer, and she works hand in hand a team to provide customer service, operations, sales and marketing, editorial services, publishing, as well as research. Oxford Club has well-trained expertise who are experienced in investing in private equity, stocks, trading on options, as well as buying cryptocurrencies.

Oxford Club has its Head Offices based in Baltimore, Maryland. Ever since the establishment of the networking organization its members have grown and it has over 80000 members across the world. The networking club has three membership levels which are as listed below;

  1. Chairman’s circle membership: this is the highest level of the club and members on this level enjoy most of the privileges of the organization including publishing, as well as websites.
  2. Director’s circle membership: members of the level are long life members who are fully committed to the affairs of the club and they are entitled to three Oxford Club newsletters.

iii. Premier membership: this is the introductory member of the group, and members subscribe to any membership of the club and they renew their membership every month.

Oxford Club fulfills their mandate of helping their members find investment, become rich and met their long-term goals.

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