Securus Technologies is a government contractor that provides some services that help in parolee tracking, information management, and detainee communication. Securus recently published the comments that they have received in the past on how the company’s technology is helping to solve and stop crimes.


These observations were sourced from emails and letters that they had received from prison officials from all over the country. The CEO of Securus pointed out that they develop new products weekly which are helpful in the prevention of crimes at correctional facilities. He added that they received a lot of comments about their products and services and how it makes inmates and parolees safer. He finished by saying that safety was something that they try to incorporate into everything that they do.


One of the comments outlined how prison officials were able to extract data from the phone calls that led to the acquisition of a search warrant of a suspected staff member. The staff member was alleged to be corrupt and was eventually arrested for introduction of contraband into the facility. The official goes on to thank Securus and point out that they would not have solved the case if it was not for the phone call data.


Several comments were on how the LBS software had helped in ongoing investigations. One comment went into detail on how the LBS software had been used by law enforcement to recover cash, drugs, and illegal assets. The author notes that the investigation would have hit a wall and the location of items they recovered would still be unknown to them without the software. An extensive comment from a prison official mentioned that the call monitoring feature had helped to provide information on drug peddling in the facility, the use of alcohol by inmates, and presence of mobile devices in the facility.




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