If the political world were an actual ocean, we’d be in for a tidal wave of change. With that being said, the metaphor still holds out — as long as you don’t mind riding the blue wave. Progressives have been surging ever since Donald Trump took office with Democrats scoring 35 state seats compared to Republicans who have only scored 4. Now, another seat is up for grabs but this time it is in the deep red 18th Congressional District in Pennsylvania. With that being said, Democrats are still optimistic that they’ll be able to make something happen. Conor Lamb, a Democrat, will be getting the backing endorsement from one of the most effective progressive grassroots foundations in the country, End Citizens United.

Conor Lamb has potential to become the next young face of the progressive political scene. Lamb, at just 33 years old, will be facing off against a former military intelligence officer by the name of Rick Saccone. Lamb knows that he is facing an uphill battle in order to score a win in the 19th district, but that doesn’t mean he has come close to throwing in the towel. In fact, Lamb has been gaining steam as more and more progressives begin to get active at the polls.

End Citizens United recently made their endorsement of Conor Lamb public and in doing so they are maneuvering an expansive library of grassroots connections toward his campaign. Ostensibly, End Citizens United was created in order to fight back against dark money that is currently enveloping the political world while summarily muting the rights of American voters. Conor Lamb is the type of progressive who has gone on record as stating that he’ll be willing and ready to fight against dark money by championing a legislative repeal of the 2010 Supreme Court decision surrounding Citizens United, a propaganda group fueled by conservatives.

End Citizens United has been active throughout the past two years and they’ve been instrumental in fueling the blue wave that we are seeing sweep across the nation. End Citizens United raised nearly $25 million in the 2016 presidential election and they are already on pace to raise that much money yet again, though it is unlikely that they’ll put it all toward the Lamb v Saccone race. Still, any help that ECU can bring to the table will be much appreciated by Lamb as he faces up against the Republican’s massive money-spending machine.

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