The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is at the Forefront of Protecting Migrant Rights

Human rights groups are non-governmental organizations that advocate and lobby for human, civil and migrant rights. These rights are absolute and apply to all human beings. They are recognized by national, regional and international law. The groups focus on increasing public awareness.

This is through monitoring incidences of violations, analyzing and publishing them. The goal is to stop the violations and effect policy change that ensures members of society are protected.

The groups are not constrained to a particular region and advocate for all members of society. Human rights groups consist of associations of citizens who are tasked with monitoring government activities.

This is to pressure ruling authoritarian regimes to end abuses and respect the rights of its citizens. Human rights groups consist of international institutions, regional bodies, multinational organizations and non-governmental organizations.

Some of the most prominent global human rights groups include Amnesty International, Human Rights First, Human Rights Council and the International Rescue Committee among others.

Amnesty International was launched in the UK in 1961. The organization started as an appeal for the amnesty of two Portuguese students who were believed to have been wrongfully imprisoned by their government.

It has since become the pacesetter for other groups. Amnesty has over seven million global supporters. It mobilizes the protection of human rights with respect for international law.

Amnesty has developed its policy to reflect changes in society. For example, it has recently widened its scope to cover social-economic and cultural rights. It is involved in emergent causes arising from globalization. These include gender violence, world arms trade, and torture.

Human rights groups are non-partisan by nature. They gained momentum after the Second World War and the Holocaust, both of which ended in 1945. They employ the services of field researchers who provide them with expert knowledge of the situations in focus. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

There are also numerous groups with a regional focus. In most instances, the groups are launched to rally support around a particular cause. With time, they grow to broaden their focus.

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is a human rights group that is dedicated to protecting the rights of migrants throughout Arizona. It is also involved in supporting organizations that promote human and civil rights as well as respect for the First Amendment and civic participation. The fund was co-founded by Jim and Michael Lacey with an initial fund of $3.75 million.

The money was a settlement by Maricopa County, Arizona, in a case involving the two journalists and the County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Jim and Michael were wrongfully arrested and jailed by the Sheriff in 2007. This was in connection with their efforts to expose specific instances of fraud, abuse of office, substandard jail conditions, and systemic racial discrimination by the Sherriff.

They were later released without charges. The pair then sued the county. The suit proceeded all the way to the ninth circuit where they prevailed against the Sherriff.

The two media executives are the co-founders of Phoenix New Times as well as Village Voice Media, two popular newspapers published in Phoenix, Arizona.

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