Dr. Jennifer Walden Making an Impact in Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s passion for helping women feel better about themselves and have self-confidence, drove her to plastic surgery a field that is male-dominated. She believes that as a woman and a doctor her primary aim is to give a helping hand. Being a woman in that profession is beneficial because many patients interested in plastic surgery are women and they prefer having someone who understands their concerns and learn more about Dr. Walden.


The practice

Jennifer Walden opened a private practice, the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in New York and later moved the practice to Texas so that her twin boys can grow close to their family. During the period of shifting her office, she was worried that people in Texas would not embrace plastic surgery. Dr. Walden was concerned that she would not get an appointment soon. To her surprise even before landing, she already had two patients’ appointments Texas people were eager just like those in New York and more information click here.

Apart from her practice, Dr. Jennifer Walden serves as a media spokesperson for American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is also a member of the board of directors and the vice commissioner of communications of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Dr. Walden on Facebook.



Dr. Jennifer Walden graduated with honors in Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Texas. She later did her Medical Doctorate from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and from 1998 did her Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency at the same institution. Then, Dr. Jennifer went to Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital for Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship. After working in the hospital is when she opened her practice. Jennifer Walden treats her patients with empathy, and that is why she keeps getting recommendations and more patients. Her joy is to see her patients especially women satisfied and happy.

Avi Weisfogel, Dentist, Sleep Expert & Philanthropist

Avi Weisfogel is a general dentist in Old Bridge, New Jersey, but known primarily for his research and commitment to sleep apnea. He founded several businesses, including Dental Sleep Masters, which became a stellar educational organization that coaches dentists on evaluating and treating sleep apnea. This research put Weisfogel on a national radar, and he became a sought-after speaker in the dental industry.


Avi Weisfogel attended Rutgers University in New Jersey, earning a bachelor’s degree in Biology, and then continued onto New York University to attend the prestigious Dentistry school, earning his DDS. Weisfogel opened his private practice, Old Bridge Dental, in Old Bridge, New Jersey, while conducting research to develop solutions in sleep apnea. He researched and developed theories surrounding sleep deprivation, as well as oral appliances, and in 2014 became co-founder of Dental Sleep Masters.


Prior to Dental Sleep Masters, Weisfogel also founded Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012, and developed a comprehensive model to improve businesses. He focused on the drivers that would fuel growth and expansion. His company advised dentists on business development, marketing and successful growth. Before that, he founded Healthy Heart Sleep, advising the dental industry on how to establish sleep labs. Even during his career as a general dentist, Avi Weisfogel has been able to market solutions for sleep disturbances.


Aside from his entrepreneurial vigor, Weisfogel is an advocate with a background in philanthropy. He dedicates time to the less fortunate, and is committed to fundraising for organizations like Operation Smile. Weisfogel set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for children with cleft lip and cleft palate. Operation Smile is a non-for-profit medical charity that travels to various countries, performing free operations for facial deformities. He is a patron of this on-going project, and has been instrumental in helping to raise funds and more information click here.


These accomplishments have made Avi Weisfogel a leading authority on sleep apnea, and his research is widely sourced by dentists and learn more about Avi.


Learn more about Avi Weisfogel by visiting his Crunchbase or LinkedIn pages


Gettin’ Fresh – Dherbs.com


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Facebook gives you real live info as you would be dealing with in your own life. The community that is being built on Facebook gives the ongoing accountability and community needed to succeed and continue on this path. Keeping you up to date on social media is key during a lifestyle change. Dherbs brings it altogether by “getting fresh” with all natural raw-based ingredients. Detoxifying from the processed foods is key and with the Full Body Cleanse Companion and Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual, TrustPilot has reviewed both. These articles are essential in daily health eating, and working together with Dherbs.com you can be successful.


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Shea Butter Has Many Uses In The Modern Age


Many people who take interest in personal care products know about Shea butter and that it provides many different benefits for the skin and overall health. The substance is included in so many different products at different companies because it is a perfect ingredient for improving beauty. This is because it is full of different minerals and vitamins, such as Vitamin A, which is an ingredient used to combat dry skin. It also contains Vitamin E, which has been shown to have anti-aging effects on peoples skin. Today, Eugenia Shea has one of the highest quality Shea butter products available for premium beauty and health every day.


Shea butter is a substance that has actually been around for many centuries, and it has long been used for healing the skin and beauty aspects, along with cooking. The butter itself is extracted from Shea Tree seeds. The outcome is a highly beneficial substance that doesn’t have anything harmful in it. When it comes to using Shea butter products, those that use the highest quality and purest form are the healthiest and provide the most benefits. This can actually be a concern in some cases as their are companies out there that put Shea butter in their products along with chemicals that aren’t all that safe.


Eugenia Shea has proven that they do not intend to follow the ways of many big corporations, where they lose touch or interest with their customers wants. Their business is operated by the mother daughter duo, and they care about their customers as well as their product. They have also committed themselves to helping the communities over in Africa and Ghana, where they and they’re product originates from.