Staffing and Recruitment Guru Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin of North East Pennsylvania is a recruitment guru for the healthcare system. Even though it all started in that one state, it has spread throughout several states in the United States through the Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. As an LLC, they even began expanding overseas in Asia and Europe to help other healthcare practices to staff the best people to better serve their patients. Learn more about Brian Torchin: and

He began in a chiropractic practice where he learned how to maintain a practice where customer service is the focus. This is the best way to handle any practice that has trouble with maintaining patients over the years. The sign of a good practice where excellent customer service is the heart of the office are happy patients that keep coming back over the years. That’s exactly what the Healthcare Recruitment Counselor Staffing does for a medical practice.

Working exclusively with hospitals and chiropractic practices, they can handle the following aspects of any medical practice within that focus.

– Background checks

– Staffing

– Physical Therapy

– Hiring services as needed

– Training staff for best practices

All of these things combine to make a practice great for patients. It can turn a practice that is failing into one that is thriving once more. All it takes are for some basic concepts to be applied and the staff to be willing to apply that to their everyday work on a consistent basis.

Brian Torchin has always known these goals and put them into a fine art form that can make your practice a well-oiled machine of excellent customer service forever. Let him show you and your staff how to get back on track with your practice. Keep customers happy and make sure that they always call your office when they need help in your medical specialty.