Success Continues For Alexandre Gama

The work of Brazilian advertising legend Alexandre Gama has been impressive for almost every individual from across the planet who has any interest in the global advertising and communications sectors.

Alexandre Gama rarely manages to conduct any work in the advertising field that is not seen as a major success and achieves award winning status at both national and international levels for the business leader who now holds an interest in the Briggs Automotive Company of Liverpool, U.K. Among the major awards won by the advertising executive are the prestigious 2013 Diageo Campaign of the Year Award for the “Giant Rock” Johnnie Walker marketing campaign.

Alexandre Gama has not only looked to develop his own work, but has also headed his own advertising agency in Brazil since 2009, which he linked to the impressive BBH ad agency based in London with a global reach. During the many years BBH and Neogama were linked, the impressive nature of the career of Alexandre Gama did not go unnoticed as he was given the prized role of Global Chief Creative Officer for the company that is known in almost every corner of the world.

For those who do not have a major level of knowledge of the Brazilian communications industry the high esteem with which Alexandre Gama is held can often be difficult to understand, but the communications leader is well known for his success as a creative professional and respected businessperson. The Consultore Group based in Europe has been looking to conduct more market research on Brazilian industries as the world’s fifth largest economy becomes more important to markets across the planet; as part of the research conducted by the European market research experts placed Alexandre Gama and Neogama in the top three advertisers in Brazil for those looking to enter this market.