Why Jason Hope Supports the Campaign for Anti Aging

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope out of Texas is on a mission to discover how to combat aging at the source. What’s the source? This is what he wants to know along with the help of all others who are searching for answers when it comes to battling aging. Since he expressed interest in anti-aging, Jason Hope has been investing millions of dollars into this cause. He believes that there is a better way than waiting until it’s too late. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

As the human body ages, neurological diseases set in and take over the mind and body. It is at this point that doctors prescribe medications, and there are departments in nursing homes that are dedicated to Alzheimer’s patients, and those with Dementia. One of the organizations that Jason Hope invested in is the SENS Foundation, dedicated to research for anti aging. The founder of SENS, Aubrey de Grey, has been open about their mission and how important it is to them to be a part of the cause of researching how aging can either be reversed or how the process can be slowed down.

The annual Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference is one of the ways in which they are getting the word out about aging and the research that is being conducted regarding aging and how to slow it down. Aubrey de Grey has stated in interviews that the end goal of these conferences is to create a society in which rejuvenation biotechnology can speed up the development of key drugs that are created by those with expertise in damage-repair.

The conferences serve as a platform and gathering for experts in the industry, as well as doctors, researchers and others who have an interest in supporting research in anti-aging. These individuals will be able to come together and collaborate as well as learn from each other about what works, what doesn’t, and what is being developed today.

There is much interest in cancer research as well as research for neurological diseases, but aging is something everyone will face. Jason Hope and Aubrey de Grey view aging as a disease, and right now it isn’t getting the attention it deserves. They believe that if they educate enough people, this will raise awareness and perhaps anti-aging will move to the forefront as one of the most highly researched areas of health.

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Dr. Dov Rand and his innovative approaches to Treatment

The medical profession is one career path that most participants believe and readily admit is extremely rewarding. Another was talked about aspect of the career is its vigorous demands. Years of medical school prepare doctors to administer medicine however the challenges are nowhere near done at that point. Many people believe that practicing medicine is one of the most stressful careers a person can take on. Someone who injures medicine is often filled with compassion and a drive to cure the ailment of people in distress. However, the compassion that motivates these individuals to undertake this profession can also cause great distress as they deal with the struggles associated with attempting to heal sick people.

While erectile dysfunction does not seem like the traditional ailments that doctors typically struggle with it is a deceptively serious condition. Often those who suffer from the condition do not understand the severity of other problems that its presence can warn about. It is paramount to a person’s health that if they are suffering from this condition they should seek out a professional who can understand the condition and all the complicated factors that contribute to the issue. Dr. Dov Rand has been working with the condition for over a decade. He started his practice over 15 years ago. The healthy aging medical summers specialize in treating an array of illnesses associated with aging. At these treatment centers, individual suffering from these conditions can get the treatment that they need in order to address the issue at all the potential underlying causes. Dr. Dov Rand administers future minded treatments for the conditions he sees in his line of work. He does is in order to ensure that his patients are getting the best treatment available.


Over the years of practice, he has seen many different illnesses associated with aging and has developed and pioneered many new approaches to addressing these medical conditions. If there’s one thing that he would advocate that his patients realize it’s that aging can affect your body in ways that require the assistance of a doctor to address. Dr. Dov Rand is praised for his ability to go beyond traditional treatment methods to address his patients concerns.