OG Juan’s 6 Figure Birthday!

Do you think its possible to drop six figures on a friends birthday? Well for Jay-Z dropped that like it was pocket change for his good friend and business partner OG Juan dropping $113,000 dollars for his birthday. Dinner alone was $13k, drinks were $9k, and the tab for the club alone was a whopping $91k. OG Juan has pretty amazing friend, dropping that much for his birthday. Zuma was the restaurant they dined at, which they ate foods such as steak, lobster, sushi and more. They then went to a place called Hova where they dropped $9k on alcohol. By the end of the night they ended up at a nightclub with more than 40 bottles of booze with a $91,000 bill! If you think about a normal birthday party you may spend around $1,000 bucks and that is on the high end for some people! You could book a venue for $200-300 or even do it for free at your house. Dinner could be $150-200 bucks for a decent size group. Lastly you can always find good deals for booze at clubs and bars, happy hour! You could get away with a really good birthday bash for around $700-1000 dollars! So, you can obviously see that OG Juan is winning in life.

OG Juan where are you getting friends like these? OG has stood by Jay-Z’s side for decades and all the bad publicity that came with Jays fame. thdis proves OG to be a great person and friend to Jay-Z, because if he was not meaningful in his life why would he be dropping cash like that!

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Deirdre Baggot: In Pursuit of Greatness

There are some truly unique individuals that live in society now days and many of these people have gone on to do some amazing things for mankind. When it comes to the healthcare industry, there are many high-profile professionals that have set the bar extremely high. One of those professionals is Deirdre Baggot, and she is a woman of many talents. Deirdre Baggot, M.D., Ph.D., goes by many titles, and she has held numerous high-profile positions. Thanks to her extremely powerful presence, this extraordinary woman has been a keynote speaker at numerous medical conferences. Her educational background is very extensive as she has earned a medical doctorate from the University of Colorado, and she has earned an MBA from Chicago’s Loyola University Graduate School of Business. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram for more updates.

Baggot is constantly on the move in her day-to-day activities. “For the past 15 years, I have spent most of my time going from conference calls to meetings,” said Baggot. One of the many ways that has made her so proficient is that she creates checklists and deadlines for herself. These two proficient components help to keep her on track and on time. Deirdre Baggot works with a team of professionals on a daily basis. She tends to spend a lot of her time researching and reading. Knowledge is the key to success and this woman brings her ideas to life by applying due diligence. “I have a team of smart people who help to provide me with guidance,” said Baggot. Having such a strong passion for healthcare has certainly helped her to standout amongst her peers. She knows that healthcare is her forte, and she doesn’t seem to stray too far away from her craft.

Deirdre Baggot has become a pioneer for bundled payments, and she has been at the forefront of this movement for quite some time. She has also developed up to 60 bundles as well as implemented strategies for 200 hospitals. What more could anyone ever ask for from one individual? Thanks to her groundbreaking work on bundled payments, she has been recognized on a national level.

Learn more: http://www.acc.org/latest-in-cardiology/articles/2016/09/22/15/15/business-consult


Christopher Linkas Shares His Advice On How To Make Real Estate Investments

Christopher Linkas says that the biggest mistake most people make in regards to investing in real estate is by becoming the owner of a house they rent out to others. This is a highly risky endeavor for a number of reasons. First, too much money is tied up in one asset. Second, unless you own the home outright your income stream will be low because you’re making mortgage payments. Other issues include a lack of economy of scale because you have to pay out for really huge expenses like a new roof or driveway which are only used by a single tenant.

He says that he advises people to instead find a good passively managed mutual fund that invests in commercial real estate and stick with that instead. Christopher Linkas says this will give you a far better-diversified portfolio of properties and will provide a steady flow of income via dividends. One thing he also likes about this approach is that it is grounded in reason. Tenants in commercial real estate make rational decisions for where they rent space and you can benefit from their decisions by going this route instead of buying a single-family home.

While Christopher Linkas is American he has lived in London, England, for the past six years. He works for an international investment firm and manages their commercial real estate investment decisions in Europe and the UK. He has been this company’s European head of credit since November 2012 and leads a team of over 20 investment professionals.

Beyond managing investment properties, Christopher Linkas also invests in other assets such as non-performing loans, corporate loans, corporate securities, renewable, and shipping. Before moving to London he had been working in New York City where he was an executive at RER Financial Group as well as Goldman Sachs.

As someone whose investment advice is often sought Christopher Linkas often tells younger people to start investing for retirement as early as possible. He has explained how compound interest works and how much a dollar invested now will grow compared to one invested 10, 20, 30 years later.


Pioneering Patient-Centric Drug Development with Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin is a well-respected entrepreneur in the biotechnology and healthcare industry. Since 2010, he has served as the CEO and Chairman of Paragon Biosciences, an international healthcare development and biopharmaceutical investment company. Jeff is harnessing two decade’s worth of experience and expertise in growing an incubator and investor for biotech companies.


At the beginning of his career, Jeff Aronin worked closely with a physician who was treating his son suffering from seizures. Contrary to what most doctors would recommend, the physician opted for prescription drugs rather than put his son through a string of surgeries. This profound experience nurtured in him a passion for useful pharmaceuticals that alleviate suffering and subsequently save people’s lives.


At the turn of the millennium, Jeff reckoned that he had gained a breadth of knowledge in the world of biopharmaceuticals and he decided to launch Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. His company was built on the premise of comprehending patients’ needs, harnessing the power of science and then pushing to get drugs approved. Over the next few years, the business grew exponentially and garnered the attention of Lundbeck which acquired it for a whopping $900 million in 2009.


Fast-forward to present day, Jeff Aronin has cemented his place in the biotech industry particularly for his knack for patient-centric drug development for managing rare ailments. Under his leadership, the company has achieved monumental success with over 13 drugs approved so far and there is more to come.


In addition to personal success, Jeff Aronin wishes to extend his expertise and financial access through MATTER. This is an incubator that he founded and is presently supporting over 200 biotech startups. Paragon aims to establish a slew of biotech companies that are devoted to addressing the unmet needs of patients who are suffering from rare diseases. A few notable ones include Harmony Biosciences, Precision BP, and Castle Creek Pharmaceutical. Paragon engages the best researchers in the field who must also have an interest in entrepreneurship.


Accelerating breakthrough science and developing drugs that bring some form of reprieve to patients and prolonging their lives is very important to Jeff Aronin. Besides hunting down the next break-out star of biotech, Jeff is keen on engaging in philanthropic causes in medicine.


Dr. Dov Rand and his innovative approaches to Treatment

The medical profession is one career path that most participants believe and readily admit is extremely rewarding. Another was talked about aspect of the career is its vigorous demands. Years of medical school prepare doctors to administer medicine however the challenges are nowhere near done at that point. Many people believe that practicing medicine is one of the most stressful careers a person can take on. Someone who injures medicine is often filled with compassion and a drive to cure the ailment of people in distress. However, the compassion that motivates these individuals to undertake this profession can also cause great distress as they deal with the struggles associated with attempting to heal sick people.

While erectile dysfunction does not seem like the traditional ailments that doctors typically struggle with it is a deceptively serious condition. Often those who suffer from the condition do not understand the severity of other problems that its presence can warn about. It is paramount to a person’s health that if they are suffering from this condition they should seek out a professional who can understand the condition and all the complicated factors that contribute to the issue. Dr. Dov Rand has been working with the condition for over a decade. He started his practice over 15 years ago. The healthy aging medical summers specialize in treating an array of illnesses associated with aging. At these treatment centers, individual suffering from these conditions can get the treatment that they need in order to address the issue at all the potential underlying causes. Dr. Dov Rand administers future minded treatments for the conditions he sees in his line of work. He does is in order to ensure that his patients are getting the best treatment available.


Over the years of practice, he has seen many different illnesses associated with aging and has developed and pioneered many new approaches to addressing these medical conditions. If there’s one thing that he would advocate that his patients realize it’s that aging can affect your body in ways that require the assistance of a doctor to address. Dr. Dov Rand is praised for his ability to go beyond traditional treatment methods to address his patients concerns.


Stansberry Research Prognosticates The Recession

Take a minute to think about the next financial collapse. It’s not something that’s fun to think about but it is incredibly important nonetheless. Think about the last time you drove down at your town’s commercial street. you probably passed some of the most well-known businesses in the country such as Target, Kohl’s and Walmart.


Now think about the unbelievable damage it would wreak on our economy if these massive stores collapsed. Stansberry Research says this is not only a very real possibility, but it is inevitable. Just look at Toys “R” Us. The toy store had been in operation for 70 years before finally going under. It could be the first of many huge businesses to collapse.


Now just think about where you get all of your stuff. Just think about the last 10 things you bought. They likely showed up on your doorstep after you ordered them on the Internet. You didn’t set foot inside those iconic stores. Instead, you ordered your goods off the Internet and simply have them delivered to your door. You can even go on the Internet to order groceries that will be delivered to your door.


This incredible convenience is likely to destroy all of those giant businesses that you’re used to. That would leave your commercial street devastated. Massive buildings would simply stand empty and would be a reminder of a time when the economy was healthier.


Stansberry Research warns that the fall of these massive stores will send seismic waves through the economy. Capitalists will then rush into purchase all of the liquidated assets of these dead companies to commence the largest transfer of wealth in American history. It would be quite destabilizing. And it would all happen because of the consumer’s desire for convenience.


This is the kind of interesting information that you learn when reading articles by Stansberry Research. This company performs all sorts of market analytics and shares them with you. You can read their blog for free right now or you can order the company’s more in-depth services. And, with information like this, you’ll be able to shield yourself from the next economic collapse.

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Stansberry Research: Could Your Investments be Affected by the North Korean Summit?

Success in the Music Industries with Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers

Success means different things in different industries. In the music industry; it means popularity and having a multitude of people sing your lyrics. The Chainsmokers are achieving this. Alex Pall says that although he fell in love with music when he was still a child; he never thought it could be his career. In fact, when he realized that he was spending so much of his time in DJing, he was worried. This is because, in New York City, everyone is required to be busy pursuing things that pay their bills, and not their hobbies.

Now let’s leave what Alex Pall thought before he completely plunged into the music industry, and focus on how he did it, and what the results were. To begin with, Alex Pall is still working with the manager who he was working with when he was DJing in New York as part-time. It is this manager who introduced Drew to him.

Alex Pall and Drew began to work with no further waste of time. Pall says that they were on the same page from the moment they met. It even became better as they got to know each other. They realized they had so much in common; they wanted the same things. Their common goals and the determination has led to the success they are experiencing.

The Chainsmokers just released “Closer.” Drew sings half of the song while Halsey sings the other part. Working with Halsey was a dream come true for the Chainsmokers. They had always looked forward to working with her. When asked how it was like working with Halsey, they say that she is a very great artist. She is self-spoken and unapologetic for the person she is; which is a great look on a woman. Her voice is heavy and incredible as well.

Alex Pall does not forget to mention that the other success that they have had is going international with their music. He says that their songs are known in other states like South Africa. They have also been able to reach more ages with their current music. Initially, only the college students enjoyed their hits.



Rocketship Education – Preparing Children for the Future

A charter school is a school that works independently of the state school system while getting funding from the government. These schools don’t ask for tuition fees from parents and provide a free alternative to the public school system. Rocketship Education, founded in 2007 in California, Rocketship Education uses a blended method of learning which uses technology in a prominent role to help students learn various subjects. The system has seen strong results too, with it outperforming public schools in every district during standardized tests conducted in the country for students from low-income groups.

With a massive expansion plan, Rocketship Education faces challenges and growing pains. The plan to open 40 more schools has Rocketship Education face challenges like funding, anti-charter school groups and so on. The results of Rocketship Education schools, however, speak for themselves.

Rocketship Education faces the same challenges faced by Public Schools all over the country with classroom management being a big one. With big classroom’s of over 80 students, management of the students become a lot trickier than expected, but the charter school has found ways to manage it by using discipline and lab rotation technique that has the big group split into smaller groups to use the computers allowing the teachers to work with groups of 15 to 20 at a time.

While many doubted the big role technology plays in Rocketship’s schools, that is a challenge, not just the charter school, but every school, public or private, will have to face in the 21st century with technology becoming an integral part of the lives of students, parents, employers, and employees. How much technology is too much technology? When students are spending 80 minutes or so in a day on the computer, over various programs, could that even be considered too much technology when they are being groomed for a future that will have them rely on technology? Many careers require a sound knowledge of technology and basic software, by helping the children get exposed to, and get comfortable with using such technology, Rocketship Education is helping the children by preparing them for a bright future.

Rocketship Education does face challenges any education system will face in today’s world, but they are tackling them head on and getting results to prove their effectiveness.

Visit Rocketship at https://vimeo.com/rsed

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Hasn’t Been Doing Too Much Of Anything Lately

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was a monolith-like figure in the leadership of Banco Bradesco, a Brazilian bank that is larger than all of its private domestic competitors with the exception of one. After all, it only makes sense that some who had worked for the Brazilian financial institution since 1969 would eventually make it up to the top of the organization; Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi managed to do just that by trying harder than others, never giving up at work, doing the little things right, and having success in getting along with other people.

When he was 17, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had applied for his very first job. That occupation turned out to be a bank teller or clerk. Mr. Trabuco quickly got the job after presenting himself for an interview following the hiring manager’s request. From the age of 17 until – well – today, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has consistently remained loyal to one of Brazil’s hottest and longest-lasting banks – Banco Bradesco.

While working as a teller at Banco Bradesco – at the time, he had absolutely no idea that he had any potential to move up within Bradesco’s corporate ladder, let alone to the next position above the spot of bank teller – the lowest spot on the figurative totem pole of any Bradesco branch – though he would within weeks of turning 19.

From the age of 17 to 21, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi even went to school in hopes of doing bigger things than would reasonably be possible without such a degree in whatever field he decided to stick with – if any. The faculty department he earned a degree from is the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters – today, the aforementioned school is nonexistent, though it has long since been changed to the name of UNESP – Sao Paulo State University.

Recently, Mr. Trabuco lost his spot as CEO of Bradesco despite performing reasonably well over his nine-year stint with the Brazilian financial institution. However, Mr. Trabuco is glad to know that he’s still the President of Banco Bradesco.

Please check http://www.meioemensagem.com.br/home/ultimas-noticias/2018/02/05/bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-trabuco.html for more.

Finding a Forex Broker That is Trustworthy Like AvaTrade

There are a ton of factors that influence the success of a forex trader. One of the factors that people should pay attention to is the forex broker. There are plenty of forex brokers throughout the world. However, they have different institutions regulating them. Therefore, they may not always be very trustworthy. One thing that people need to do is find a broker that is regulated by a company that has a great reputation. This is so that the trader can be protected from any dishonest or unfair handling of accounts and money. Fortunately, a lot of forex brokers have a good review.


One such forex broker that is regulated by a reputable company is AvaTrade. They are very fair when it comes to trading. Therefore, people who sign up and make trades do not have to worry about any tricks happening in order to make them lose money. One thing that happens when someone signs up with certain forex brokers is that they would make a trade and then the chart on the broker’s site will change in a way that makes them lose the trade. However, when they check the other charts, the move didn’t happen. This happens when one trades against the broker. Fortunately, Avatrade makes sure that the trader is trading in the market.


Once one has the forex broker, then it is important for them to make sure that they know enough about the market so that they will be able to make wise choices in forex trading. Given that the forex market is very fluid in nature, it is easy to lose money. This is why it is important to look for the right time to make a trade. There are a lot of sources of information available for people to develop their strategy with.