Mikhail Blagosklonny’s TOR Hypothesis Is the Future of Cancer Treatment

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a distinguished scientist famously known for his research in cancer and aging. Mikhail is also a professor of oncology at the Roswell Cancer Institute in New York. He earned his MD in internal medicine from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. He later received his Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology from the same university. In 2002, he was promoted to become an associate professor at New York Medical College. In 2009, he joined Roswell Cancer Institute. Prior to joining Roswell Cancer Institute, Mikhail served as a senior scientist at the Ordway Research Institute.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the most experienced oncologists. From holding different positions in various reputed organizations, he has gained a wealth of experience and skills. His research primarily targets biogerontology, cancer, targeted cancer therapies and anti-aging drugs. Mikhail believes that the number of old people with chronic degenerative conditions such as cancer and age will keep on increasing and, therefore, the need for well-thought research in anti-aging drugs and cancer treatment. View Mikhail’s profile on Loop

TOR Hypothesis

Mikhail is globally recognized for formulating TOR signaling through Rapamycin, which a cancer drug with anti-aging properties and a potential to prolong human life. Rapamycin is used to coat coronary stents reducing the possibility of organ rejection during an organ transplant. Mikhail firmly believes that cancer can be controlled by controlling the aging process of the human body. He is considered one of the most prominent advocates of Rapamycin longevity research.

Mikhail at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

In his research at Roswell Cancer Institute, the oncology professor researched deeply on therapies that can protect healthy and normal from getting damaged. He also devoted much of his time in studying on mechanisms of aging and anti-aging.

Editorial Activities

Mikhail has published over 300research papers and book chapters. Most of his publications range from molecular biology to clinical investigations. In most of his articles, Mikhail has written about mitosis, drug resistance, apoptosis, tumor suppressors, signal transduction, and oncogenesis. He is the founding editor and editor in chief of Cell Cycle and the co-editor of the Aging, Oncoscience, and Oncotarget. Read more about Mikhail at LinkedIn.com

Accomplishment of Andrea McWilliams

Andrea McWilliams is an ambitious woman who attains want she wants; she is an activist, political campaigner and political planner. She controls each perceptive tactically due to the expertise she had hence making her work to be successful. Here devotion and effort has made her appear in the broadcasting show and also published whereby they recognized her as the best fundraiser and political planner they include USA Today, CNN, Newsweek and FOX News.

Andrea McWilliams is one of the receivers of Profiles of the Austin Business Journal as well as the payee of Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce. She has been awarded severally because of the effort and superb work she does. The awards which she received include a woman of Distinction from the Girl Scouts of Central Texas and also the Austin under 40 and lastly the Austin Fashion Week.

She is the co-founder of McWilliams which is a company that offers governmental services. She also takes part in charity work which makes her a philanthropist. Through her philanthropic work she has done a wonderful job in the community. She as well is on numerous boards of members in charitable projects including Rise Across Texas Challenge, Austin Children in Crisis and HeartGift and a lot more.

Andrea McWilliams is also on many projects including KillCancer and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation whereby the main goal is to treat and eliminate cancer. She is also consumed a lot of her time in giving advice to young women. She even controlled the Ballet Fete under the Austin’s biggest philanthropy energy.

Andrea had many other charities she contributed and worked for including the Marathon Kid Gal as the co-chair and also the University of Texas as the leader of Art. She is now the PAC Board of Ryan which is a universal tax company.

Flavio Maluf’s Achievement as the President of Eucatex

Eucatex Group is one of the most innovative companies based in Brazil. When the company was founded in 1951 on segs.com.br, it was the only firm which had the sense to help conserve the environment using innovative materials like eucalyptus to the future. For this reason, it has won numerous awards for innovation and conservative environmental awards in the country. As a matter of fact, the company has worked towards profitability and sustainability in all its courses. It was during the time of Flavio Maluf that the company started meeting the word market exportation niches to sustain its quest for profitability.

Eucatex Group is also one of the biggest marketers and producers of the insulation and liners made from the eucalyptus trees and wood fibres. For the company at https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/108970/conheca-com-flavio-maluf-algumas-dicas-para-administrar-uma-empresa-familiar, nothing gives them more honour than to produce the best and most durable products to the world. For this reason, Flavio Maluf have continued to serve the society and economy through the manufacture of products for the industrial construction companies in the country and abroad. For Eucatex Group, it is run in two different segments. They include;

The furniture industry on economia.estadao.com.br – for Eucatex Group, they are always more than delighted to become the largest producers of furniture products in Brazil, because they are the best, their products are in high demand in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. Eucatex Group is also the largest producers of the wood fibre plates. In the recent past, Eucatex Group introduced the production of Tamburato and MDP which gained the market advantage on a massive scale. For all Flavio Maluf manufactures items in the company, they are produced with the highest level of innovation and technology n the country to suit world-class standards.

The Construction Industry – this is the latest introduction of production in the company. For a long time, Eucatex Group has majored the production of materials geared towards home use. However, they decided to create a demand for products in the construction industry which appeared to be looming. For this reason, they stated by the introduction of modular partitions. When its adoption was immense, the introduced the production of paints, doors, and the laminate floors.

Copa Star Hospital Unprecedented Excellence

Brazil health sector is getting better after the three-year construction project of the Copa Star Hospital was completed. The $115 million project has been fitted with excellently recent and innovative facilities. It has 105 rooms to ensure that a high number of people can be hosted in the hospital at a go. The privacy of the rooms is also enhanced to ensure that even celebrities will get to enjoy their personal time as they get treated. The medical facility also prides in its innovative and luxurious diagnostic center plus a creatively and fully fitted operating room. It is strategically located in the southern area of Rio. The hospital looks like a five-star hospital making it look superb and perfect for different types of clients.

Technology is being used to manage hospitals. At the Copa Star Hospital, there is a smart hospitality system. This make it possible for patients to have a time to converse with the doctor. A patient can also comfortably ask for help from the nurses, making it a perfect pace to be in when someone is sick. The automatic bed features also make the hospital to remain a home for people who are not feeling well.

Service at Your Door Step

Before the Copa Star hospital was opened, patients were required to travel to long distances and even fly just to get treated. However, today, the story is different. The cost is affordable, the service is luxurious and the quality of attention from the doctors and nurses is superb. This makes it possible to diagnose different diseases and treat them completely. The professionals working there know that patients who are exposed to a deluxe environment, will start enjoying a peace of mind. In the process, they will get healed due to the personalized and exclusive care. The excellent breeze of air that blows in the corridors also give a warm welcome to those who are coming for treatment. Visit their profile page on Facebook.Com

The team of professionals working on the different projects have been highly trained. The team comprises of 113 doctors and over 500 employees. The professionals were all taken through a simulation project for over two months. This was in a bid to ensure the professionals are well versed with the professional and classic facilities in installed in the hospital. In the future, the residents of Rio will have no doubt their different diseases will be well taken care of. The hospital also plans to expand to other major cities such as Sao Paulo and Brasilia. The service has been proven to be working in Rio. The number of reviews made by different people has shown the hospital is just a classic model of what a health care center should look like. Therefore, when it gets to other cities, the same excellence will be experienced. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Roberto Santiago Is A Successful Entrepreneur In Brazil

For all those in Brazil who are looking for a wonderful place to do shopping, there is the Manaira Mall. It is already considered as being among the leading shopping malls in Brazil. It is already the largest shopping mall in the state of Paraiba. It has been made by Roberto Santiago who is among the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. It was made in the year 1989 and has been growing bigger since. It is servings thousands of residents of Jao Pessoa today. This is because the mall is offering excellent service to its customers. This has played a major role in its growth and other expansion plans.

There is more on offer here than just shopping. There is a lot of fun for people to get entertained. This mall has a big space that is reserved for Movie Theater. Besides, there are ballrooms, bowling alleys as well as electronic and amusement park among a lot of other things. Roberto Santiago has added all these features to this shopping mall in order to ensure that people visit the mall for many other purposes in addition to shopping.

The workers at this mall have been trained to treat the visitors with respect. This has highly impacted the number of visitors to this mall every day. Read more on exame.com.

Manaira Mall is one of the biggest as well as exclusive privately owned malls in Brazil today. One of the most outstanding features of this mall is the cinema theater. 11 rooms have been set aside for providing movie entertainment. All these rooms are equipped with modern theater features as well as equipment. Inside the mall you will find a bar that is offering drinks, candies, as well as popcorns to all the movie fanatics. There is a gym in the mall for those people who love to work out. Manaira Mall is one of the most exclusive shopping malls in the country today besides being the best in the region.

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur based in Brazil. He is 58 years old. He owns one of the most exclusive shopping malls in Joao Pessoa, which is the Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto Santiago is also the owner of other shopping malls in the city. These include the Mangeira Shopping Mall. He had started his career by working at Café Santa Rosa. Then he started his cartonnage company. This was manufacturing cardboard boxes for packing purposes.

Roberto Santiago is passionate about sports too. He has won trophies in motocross as well as kart championships.

Mike Baur’s Swiss Start-Up Factory: Encouraging Start-up Owners Across the Globe

Over the past few decades, there has been a significant growth of the start-up owners across the globe. But, often they have been inhibited by an array of factors which restricts their growth in the business field. The prime factor, among the others, is undoubtedly finance and this is exactly where the start-up incubators like the Swiss Start-up Factory, of Mike Baur come into play.



The Swiss Startup Factory is the essentially the brainchild of Mike Baur, the dynamic mind who has more than 20 years of in-depth experience in the Swiss banking sector. Throughout his journey, Baur has been assisted by his companions Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.



After being associated with UBS and Clariden Leu, Mike Baur set up his journey at the age of 39 and founded the Swiss Startup Factor in the year 2014. The Swiss Start-Up Factory is the leading Start-up Accelerator in Switzerland, which operates independently and is privately financed. Having completed his MBA degree from the University of Rochester, New York and his Executive MBA from the University of Bern, Baur presently devotes his valuable time in encouraging the youth with their start-up ideas both financially as well as with his inestimable experiences.



Being launched in the year 2014, the Swiss Start-Up Factory, a Zurich-based incubating company, founded and directed by Mike Baur aims at thriving the aspiring entrepreneurs. By the aid of their dynamic network across the Switzerland as well as throughout the globe, the company benefits the digital entrepreneurs through their unique start-up training programs.



The start-up training programs organized by the Swiss Start-Up Factory aims at encouraging the start-up owners through an exclusive platform of guidance; mentoring and financing as well as providing an office space at a convenient location. The Swiss Start-Up Factory also offers the start-up owners a dynamic network of connections, to help them in achieving their targets within a short period.



Facts About The Swiss Businessman, Mike Baur:



  • Mike Baur has been a jury member, at the prestigious startup pitching contest, known as START Summiteer by the University of St. Gallen.
  • In 2016 January, Baur became the deputy managing director of CTI Invest as they became the partners of The Swiss Startup Factory.
  • In the year 2016, the entire journey of Mike Baur from the Swiss Banking to Startup Accelerator has been covered in the Wall Street Journal.