Sujit Choudhry: Can Donald Trump Pardon Himself?

Sujit Choudhry is an expert in legal matters. Sujit Choudhry’s skills in constitutional law have an influential personality in the international community. In the course of his career as an attorney, Sujit Choudhry has managed to travel to different countries, and he has all the knowledge required by profession in the complicated department. Sujit has addressed the issues many people are scared of speaking about. The legal expert has assisted many nations of the world to get the perfect constitution that does not favor few people. His love for his constitutional law has made him what he is at the moment, learn more details on

This year, Sujit Choudhry spoke about the president of America, Donald Trump and his activities since he was appointed to hold the prestigious position. According to the lawyer, the American president has spoken about pardoning himself while he is still holding the top position. His subjects, however, have been left with so many questions. People are now wondering whether it is right for the president to offer himself pardon or not. Sujit Choudhry has been following these statements from the president for some time, and he now wants to address the issue so that people can be content, read (

When Donald Trump was appointed as president, there was so much unrest in the country. The president has brought so much tension because of the views he has been sharing with his citizens. The president said that he had not committed any crime that would need to be pardoned, so the people should not be worried, watch on ( Sujit says that the powers of pardoning are contained in the constitution. According to the American law, the president has all the powers to offer reprieves and pardons for all the offenses that have been committed against the state. However, this does not apply when it is a case of impeachment.

Sujit Choudhry has, however, noted that the same constitution does not state anything about the president pardoning themselves. Sujit has advised the Americans to be extremely careful when handling the issue because it might cause so much unrest in the country that was recently in the process of electing their president, click


Hundreds Of Infrastructure Projects On Hold In Brazil

A recent CNI study, as reported by Felipe Montoro Jens, revealed there are 517 infrastructure-related projects currently on hold in Brazil. These account for 18.5% of the 2,796 projects on hold in that country.

Basic sanitation is the area hardest hit, with 447 projects frozen. The balance comes from 30 highway projects, 16 airports, 8 urban mobility works, 6 port projects, and 5 each of railway and waterway projects.

A great deal of resources are wasted by these cancelled or frozen projects, particularly given that so much is spent to begin projects that are never completed. The result is zero benefit for these capital expenditures. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at

What is the cause of these project disruptions? The number one reason is technical issues resulting from poor planning.

Also contributing to the problem are financial issues, land ownership issues, and even the decision by companies to abandon the work.

The ongoing economic crisis in Brazil is also a factor. The government is forced to find ways to rein in spending. The CNI study also revealed recurring communication issues between governing bodies and the public managers responsible for making project decisions.

The CNI recommends the following 6 measures to work towards a resolution to this ongoing crisis:

  • improve macroplanning
  • evaluate the most appropriate execution modality
  • carry out efficient micro-planning
  • better equip teams
  • design more balanced contracts
  • strengthen internal control

CNI’s Director of Policy and Strategy, José Augusto Fernandes, notes that Brazil has failed to learn from past mistakes and come to any reasonable conclusions on how to improve the situation. No doubt this issue will impact the upcoming Presidential election next October, and each candidate is being briefed on all of the analysis CNI has performed to look into the matter.

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Ted Bauman’s Tips to Protect Your Assets

Buying valuable assets is not easy. The task requires you to use the hard-earned money you acquired from working countless hours a day, as well as enduring a lot of stress from your supervisor. However, if you are careless, you can lose all your assets to a disaster or a burglar within a few minutes. Have you been living with this fright? If yes, the following are tips vetted by Ted Bauman, an adept asset protection expert.

1. Invest in an appropriate safe box

If you have valuable collectables, gems, guns, artworks, and precious pieces of jewellery in your home, Bauman commends that you get a customized safe box. Unlike the ordinary safes, fireproof and waterproof types will shield your assets from water or fire damage, the most common disasters you would encounter.

2. Store the assets in your bank’s safe-deposit box

If you feel that your home isn’t safe, Mr. Bauman proposes that you consider keeping the assets in your bank’s safe deposit box. Just like your home’s safe box, you can store precious metals, luxury goods, important documents, as well as high-value pieces of jewelry in the bank’s safe deposit box.
Though, Mr. Ted Bauman says that you will have to ensure the valuables since the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp does not cover such assets.

3. The store then in an independent vault

Apart from your bank’s safe deposit box, you can opt to store your liquid assets in an independent storage vault. Unlike financial institutions, the independent vaults are not regulated by government agencies. This makes them a safe place to store assets with sensitive information. The only downside is that most vault companies charge a higher storage commission than banks.
Ted Bauman recommends New Zealand based vaults as the most secure and convenient.

Ted Bauman is an experienced asset protection and investment strategist. The expert has a wealth of financial experience since he has worked as a financial manager in the private sector for over two decades. He graduated from the University of New York with a Bachelor’s in business administration. Moreover, Bauman holds a post-graduate degree in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town.

Todd Levine, the commercial Litigation Guru at Kluger Kaplan.

As an extremely skilled veteran commercial litigator, Todd Levine is a reliable and trustworthy attorney when it comes to litigation of sophisticated commercial disputes. He has made a name through a competent and successful representation of property managers, lending institutions, brokers, contractors and subcontractors, real estate developers, investors, and owners. Levine’s most notable litigations involve specialized finance arrangements and investment partnerships, as well as sports industries and entertainment disputes.

Todd Levine is a founding member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, Levine P.L., a Private practice law firm headquartered in Miami, Florida. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Florida. Later on, he attended University of Florida Levin College where he graduated in 1991, with honors. In 1991, Levine was admitted to the bar in Florida. The following year, he was admitted in U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida, and the U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth and Eleventh Circuits.

Currently, he is a member of the America Inns of Court, the Dade County Bar Association and the Florida Bar Grievance Committee. In recognition of his notable performance, he has earned recognition in popular publications chief among them, Florida Trend Magazine and South Florida Business Journal. In 2018, he has been rated the Best Lawyers in America for Litigation by the US News and World Report. He has also been named South Florida’s Top Rated Lawyers for Commercial Litigation.

Those who know Todd A. Levine revere him as an attorney who never falls short of creative strategies in handling highly sensitive cases. He uses his unique tactics to handle legal disputes even when under immense pressure to deliver successfully. His approach gives him an edge above other attorneys. He is known to produce surprise pieces of secret evidence that will provide him with the desired outcome. His arguments are articulate and advanced in such a way that even the most complicated points come out apparently.

Betsy Devos: A Reformer and a Philanthropist

Philanthropy is a business if you go about it the right way, and it’s a business that Betsy DeVos has devoted her life to. As one of the signatories of the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, she and her husband, entrepreneur Dick DeVos, gave away well over $130 million between 1989 and 2015. The cause that’s closest to Mrs. DeVos’s heart is educational choice. In recognition of her commitment to the educational-choice movement, President Donald Trump named Betsy DeVos to the Cabinet position of Secretary of Education in 2017.


What Is Educational Choice?


Educational choice is a philosophy that enables parents to have a greater degree of choice over the schools their children attend than the public school system currently allows; moreover, the educational choice movement advocates the use of public funds to support these parents’ choices. After all, these funds are ultimately derived from taxes, so why shouldn’t parents exercise some control over the types of institutions their tax dollars fund?


In 2013, 17 states as well as the District of Columbia supported publicly funded, private-choice schools that provided education for more than 250,000 students. That number has grown since then. Funding was provided for these schools in the form of vouchers, tax credits and educational savings accounts as well as through allocations from funding earmarked for public schools.


Betsy DeVos’s Journey


Betsy DeVos first became aware of the educational choice movement when she and her husband, entrepreneur Dick DeVos, decided to home-school two of their four children. Their wealth gave them access to the resources they needed, but they couldn’t help noticing that the other home-schoolers with whom they interacted didn’t have anything resembling their options.


Consider Potter’s House Christian School, a private school in Grand Rapids, Michigan that has been providing quality education for more than three decades. Many of Potter’s House’s students come from low-income families, and when Mrs. DeVos visited the school, she could see how hard those parents were struggling to keep their children at the school.


Mrs. DeVos and her husband made a choice to begin picking up tuition costs for individual students attending the Potter’s House. She realized, however, that this generosity did little to address more systemic issues associated with education failures and began becoming involved at a more significant level.


In 1993, Betsy and Dick DeVos became deeply involved in the campaign to pass Michigan’s first charter school. Mrs. DeVos also began to devote time and energy to a political action committee called the Great Lakes Education Project, which was committed to the expansion of charter schools throughout the Wolverine State.


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Their Major Activities During the Past Three Years

Whether it is Dallas or New Jersey, Nexbank is a financial institution that is dedicated to making their community and their world a better place to live. To that end, the past three years have honestly been an exciting time in the evolution of Nexbank as a financial train. They are growing, and they are doing it well. However, they are not interested in just becoming the next banking giant. They strive to help those who are less fortunate, and they do so in the following ways:

Nexbank Announces a Partnership With Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Promote Affordable Home Ownership In Southern Dallas

Nexbank is partnering with Dallas neighborhood homes and Dallas Habitat for Humanity to offer an affordable housing loan program to certain families in southern Dallas neighborhoods. Nexbank initially pledged to offer 50 million dollars in Loans from 2016 to 2021. Nexbank also pledged to provide closing costs for all loans done through their affiliate program. This would include up to $2,000 in home buying costs.

Nexbank realizes that North Texas has one of the lowest rates of homeownership in the nation. That is why they know the impetus is on them to put more families in their own homes because they know these families will have a better quality of life and be able to invest more in the future of their children. They have made this a priority in Southern Dallas since 2016.

Nexbank Acquired College Savings Bank in 2015, Which is Responsible For Administering 529 College Savings Programs

In 2015, Nexbank acquired College Savings Bank. They were very excited about the acquisition for a number of reasons. First of all, they realized this wasn’t just another standard bank merger.

One of the reasons that the president of Nexbank was so excited at the time would be because he knew the acquisition would help his banking chain to serve his client base more appropriately. Anything that meets the goals of his bank is a good thing, and the above two incidences were definitely a good thing for the future of Nexbank and for their customers.

Lessons from career life of Dr. Saad Saad

Saad Saad has had a great career as a pediatric surgeon. His innovativeness while doing his job is one of the notable attributes that led to his success and growth of the medical industry. His life story is interesting and also full of lessons that can help upcoming professionals to build up their career in the same manner as he did.




Saad recently retired after serving as a pediatric surgeon for the past 47 years. But behind him is a legacy and innovations that will live on for many years. He has sacrificed his life for this industry, and the results are great. He recently told a story about his life to blogwebpedia, and it is truly fascinating. The interview discussed his life from the time he was born to now that he is retired from medicine. There are important lessons we can pick from his story, and these will be the main focus of this article.




The first lesson that Dr. Saad Saad teaches is that “you should not accept anything else apart from the success you need.”




Looking at the life of Dr. Saad, this lesson comes out clearly. For a person who was born in a war-torn country-Palestine at a time when the State of Israel was being established to now becoming one of the best pediatric surgeons in the United States, that was an unbelievable achievement.




When he was still a child, his family was evicted from Palestine, and they had to seek asylum in Kuwait. It is in Kuwait where Saad was brought up. His father used to tell him about taking charge of his life since the environment in Kuwait was not the best. They were living in a foreign country where no one cared about them. It was up to each one of them to realize that they need a better life.




His father encouraged him to pursue higher education as that was the only way through which the family would get out of the situation they were facing in Kuwait. Dr. Saad Saad took the advice of his father seriously and pursued higher education. He joined Cairo University where he pursued a medical degree. He worked so hard that he graduated with honors and top of his class.




This degree became the game change in his life. He got an opportunity to intern in England followed by chance to move to the United States to practice.




When he moved to the U.S, he had everything set ready to become the best pediatric surgeon. He focused his eyes on becoming the first Arabic speaking surgeon to be certified by the U.S Board on Surgery. In a few years, the certification was behind him, and he was practicing as a fully recognized pediatric surgeon. Learn more :

Steven Hicks Of Southridge Capital Shares Some Of His Views On Cryptocurrency

Southridge Capital LLC is a company led by Steven Hicks. It was founded in 1996 and is a hedge fund management firm that also offers investment banking services as well as a securities brokerage. Its office is located in Ridgefield, Connecticut and they offer their financial services to mid-sized firms across America.

Like many financial companies, the team at Southridge Capital is closely following the cryptocurrency industry. This industry is now a decade old but most people still don’t really understand what it is about. Many governmental bodies, banks, and financial institutions, though, are aware of this industries growing importance. Talking about digital currencies, U.S. Senator Thomas Carper made a statement that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have captured the interest of a number of tech-savvy individuals but the industry is pretty confusing to everyone else.

Southridge says that cryptocurrency is beginning to appear in a number of industries such as real estate and hospitality. Rick Hilton, of Hilton Hotels fame, even sold his $38 million mansion through a digital currency auction he held in June 2018. Another home was sold in Florida for $6 million earlier in 2018.

Steven Hicks says that he actively follows cryptocurrency and is interested in where the industry is headed. He feels that it is now a permanent fixture of the global economy and has a lot of room to develop. He has three decades of experience in the financial industry including investing, derivatives, financial structuring, and risk arbitrage. He earned a business administration degree at New York’s King’s College and has an MBA acquired at Fordham University.

He says that he came up with the idea of operating his own hedge fund company early on in his career. He was working on Wall Street at a small hedge fund management company that was owned and operated by a man from Australia. When the owner decided to return home he set a timetable of one year to sell off his company’ investments. Steven Hicks asked him if he wouldn’t mind if he started up his own company while continuing to work for this company and the owner gave him permission to do so. You can visit their Facebook and Twitter page.


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Why Jason Hope Supports the Campaign for Anti Aging

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope out of Texas is on a mission to discover how to combat aging at the source. What’s the source? This is what he wants to know along with the help of all others who are searching for answers when it comes to battling aging. Since he expressed interest in anti-aging, Jason Hope has been investing millions of dollars into this cause. He believes that there is a better way than waiting until it’s too late. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

As the human body ages, neurological diseases set in and take over the mind and body. It is at this point that doctors prescribe medications, and there are departments in nursing homes that are dedicated to Alzheimer’s patients, and those with Dementia. One of the organizations that Jason Hope invested in is the SENS Foundation, dedicated to research for anti aging. The founder of SENS, Aubrey de Grey, has been open about their mission and how important it is to them to be a part of the cause of researching how aging can either be reversed or how the process can be slowed down.

The annual Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference is one of the ways in which they are getting the word out about aging and the research that is being conducted regarding aging and how to slow it down. Aubrey de Grey has stated in interviews that the end goal of these conferences is to create a society in which rejuvenation biotechnology can speed up the development of key drugs that are created by those with expertise in damage-repair.

The conferences serve as a platform and gathering for experts in the industry, as well as doctors, researchers and others who have an interest in supporting research in anti-aging. These individuals will be able to come together and collaborate as well as learn from each other about what works, what doesn’t, and what is being developed today.

There is much interest in cancer research as well as research for neurological diseases, but aging is something everyone will face. Jason Hope and Aubrey de Grey view aging as a disease, and right now it isn’t getting the attention it deserves. They believe that if they educate enough people, this will raise awareness and perhaps anti-aging will move to the forefront as one of the most highly researched areas of health.



Robert Ivy: An Award for a Wonderful Reputation

Robert Ivy is the outspoken chief executive officer and executive vice president at the American Institute of Architects. His career history dates 1996 as the year he became the editor in chief of the renowned Architectural Record. Ivy worked hard in this unique division to see that it becomes a great and influential architectural journal of all time. Later on, Robert Ivy was the editorial director and vice president of the McGraw-Hill Construction Media. Between the year 1981 and 1996, Robert Ivy served as the principal at the Dean/Dale, Dean and Ivy. He was also actively involved is a critic for a number of the national publications. While at his editorial position, Ivy enabled the Architectural Record to gain great publishing honors in the industry. These included various awards like the premier magazine journalism award among many others. Following his wonderful successes and accomplishments, Robert Ivy was voted as a Master Architect. Alpha Rho Chi named him to recognize him for the effective communication and valuable design embraced. Learn more about Robert Ivy on Steel Institue of New York

It is not enough to allow the great accomplishments of Robert Ivy pass without recognizing. That is why he is set to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Ivy is a committed and dedicated art patron and artist in Mississippi. He will be the first of the kind to receive such an award in Mississippi. Among the people that gave comments includes the President of AIA, Carl Elephant. Carl emphasized that Robert deserved the honor due to his loyalty in his profession. An award that will greatly mark and crown Robert over his both professional and personal achievement as a person hailing from Mississippi. Carl congratulated Robert for the wonderful pursuit and success. Robert set a good and remarkable pace for the future generation.

Robert has won various awards and accolades over the time. This includes the Master Architect award that was a crown from the national architecture industry. The Lifetime Achievement Award will be another award that will crown him for his wonderful services and excellence. Robert is set to share big awards with other top individuals. See more: